Manufaturing Process


Bangkoktip O-sod Co., Ltd. maintains a self-managed herbal farm with an advanced industrial agricultural system. Our nursery’s inventory is cared for within the herbal farm, and the plantation is carefully maintained and nourished until the herbs are of a suitable age for harvesting. The acquisition of our materials is a joint venture between Bangkoktip O-sod Co., Ltd. and local herb farmers. We have established this joint venture as company policy in order to not only acquire naturally clean and non-toxic materials, but to also increase local Thai household incomes. 


Manufacturing Practices

The company’s GMP-standard factory, Encapsulating, Sealed Packing, Gamma ray Radiation, Disinfedtion, Enveloping, Packaging, Standard Products. Good Manufacturing Practice. 

Bangkoktip O-sod Co., Ltd. is well equipped for the manufacturing practice with modern equipment and machines certified by the Ministry of Industry, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Ministry of Public Health. All manufacturing processes are carried out under the close supervision of the company’s pharmacists and professionals. The highest quality raw materials are selected and inspected in accordance with standard methodologies, to insure that they are exempt of any free contaminants. All of our procedures are clean, non-infectious, and ensure our commitment to our products safeness and effectiveness. Following the formulation process our herbal powders are encapsulated under international standards for non-preservatives and non-contaminants prior to being packaged in a sealed pack by modern machines. Once passing the gamma ray disinfection process our products are placed within a convenient to use package and distributed to consumers.